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Kuni BMW Track Day at PIR

October 9, 2014  |  Dealership News, Events/Programs, Featured, M

At time of writing this I have worked for Kuni BMW as a Photographer for two years. In all that time I can say the track day was by far the most fun I have had as an employee. Trust me I have had some fun days: my first wine event, taking out the Yas Marina Blue M3, my first drive in an Alpina ect.

Why was the track day so amazing?

Even though I photograph and move BMW’s every day, I have never really seen firsthand what they can do as far as performance. I have gotten to experience the beauty and comfort of the “Ultimate Driving Machine”, but really what does that mean if you haven’t REALLY driven one the way it was meant to be driven?

Our Videographer and I arrived at PIR with a few reservations. It was raining and we were not sure what kind of testing could be done on such a drizzly day. Also we were unsure how our clients would feel being photographed testing out the vehicles. There was a good chance we wouldn’t get much footage to work with.


We were wrong on both accounts. We were told the rain would most definitely not be stopping anything. If anything it would give an extra factor to seeing how well the cars handled. Secondly we were warmly welcomed by the drivers. We met some really great people that day. Several were long time customers who recounted their first BMW purchase at Kuni. We reminisced over past Kuni events and talked about the different cars they owned or purchased for their family members. They allowed us to ride along as they tested limits on the Auto Cross course and thrilled us on the track as they hugged corners and pushed the limits of speed on the straight away.


The rain passed right after the drivers meeting, and while it was cloudy the rain stayed away the whole event. The group was split in two, one half went to the follow along course the track, and the other went to the Auto Cross track.


At the auto cross track there was a brief meeting for everyone about how to drive on the course. Walkie talkies were put in each car and everyone went out for a first run together to learn the course and understand the meaning of the different cones.


After that everyone lined up to test out the different models.










After many grins and a good time was had by all, we took a lunch break and sat reliving all the glory of properly stopping in the box and that time when someone hit a cone and I miraculously got that instant in camera:


After lunch it was our turn at the ride along. Drivers took turns in the different models of cars following along on the track with a professional driver in the lead.












A fantastic day was had by all. We thank everyone that came out and participated. Also a big thank you to the clients for allowing us to participate along with you and take photos!

We hope there will be another track day soon!

More Photos are available here: Track Day Gallery

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