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Kuni BMW Track Day at PIR

October 9, 2014  |  Dealership News, Events/Programs, Featured, M

At time of writing this I have worked for Kuni BMW as a Photographer for two years. In all that time I can say the track day was by far the most fun I have had as an employee. Trust me I have had some fun days: my first wine event, taking out the Yas Marina Blue M3, my first drive in an Alpina ect.

Why was the track day so amazing?

Even though I photograph and move BMW’s every day, I have never really seen firsthand what they can do as far as performance. I have gotten to experience the beauty and comfort of the “Ultimate Driving Machine”, but really what does that mean if you haven’t REALLY driven one the way it was meant to be driven?

Our Videographer and I arrived at PIR with a few reservations. It was raining and we were not sure what kind of testing could be done on such a drizzly day. Also we were unsure how our clients would feel being photographed testing out the vehicles. There was a good chance we wouldn’t get much footage to work with.


We were wrong on both accounts. We were told the rain would most definitely not be stopping anything. If anything it would give an extra factor to seeing how well the cars handled. Secondly we were warmly welcomed by the drivers. We met some really great people that day. Several were long time customers who recounted their first BMW purchase at Kuni. We reminisced over past Kuni events and talked about the different cars they owned or purchased for their family members. They allowed us to ride along as they tested limits on the Auto Cross course and thrilled us on the track as they hugged corners and pushed the limits of speed on the straight away.


The rain passed right after the drivers meeting, and while it was cloudy the rain stayed away the whole event. The group was split in two, one half went to the follow along course the track, and the other went to the Auto Cross track.


At the auto cross track there was a brief meeting for everyone about how to drive on the course. Walkie talkies were put in each car and everyone went out for a first run together to learn the course and understand the meaning of the different cones.


After that everyone lined up to test out the different models.










After many grins and a good time was had by all, we took a lunch break and sat reliving all the glory of properly stopping in the box and that time when someone hit a cone and I miraculously got that instant in camera:


After lunch it was our turn at the ride along. Drivers took turns in the different models of cars following along on the track with a professional driver in the lead.












A fantastic day was had by all. We thank everyone that came out and participated. Also a big thank you to the clients for allowing us to participate along with you and take photos!

We hope there will be another track day soon!

More Photos are available here: Track Day Gallery

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The UN4GETTABLE Test Drive: A BMW 4 Series Ultimate Driving Experience



The UN4GETTABLE test drive came to Kuni BMW last week! The event was a chance for our customers to drive the all new 4 Series and compare it to competitor models.




The 4 Series is a completely new model for BMW. It is available in a 2 door coupe, a 4 door Gran Coupe, and a convertible model. By holding this test drive event we wanted to show customers that the 4 series really is more car than a 3 Series. The 4 is lower, lighter and sportier than a 3. Not only that, but we wanted to show how it stacked up to the competition.




After signing up to participate,




And enjoying some delicious appetizers from Elephants Delicatessen,




We invited guests to check out some BMW accessories,




And then check out the cars available for comparison.




All versions of the 4 Series were available for test driving, as well as an Audi, Mercedes and Lexus.


Cars _for_testDrive




Guests had a great time experiencing the 4 Series. If you missed the event and would like to see the all new 4 Series for yourself, we have several available right now. Check out our 4 series Inventory

and contact a client adviser at (503) 828-0936 to schedule a VIP appointment today!



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///M Monday: They are finally here! The 2015 M3 & M4!

July 2, 2014  |  ///M Monday, Dealership News, Featured


We here at Kuni BMW were thrilled to accept delivery of the new 2015 M3 & M4 last week! We quickly took both vehicles for photo shoots (not an easy task to shoo away impressed gawkers long enough to take a photograph) and it’s a good thing too because the M4 sold the day it arrived!




We were impressed by the new paint colors, Austin Yellow on the M4 and Yas Marina Blue on the M3, as well as the sleek new details to the interior. The ///M placards on the seats that glow in low light were particular favorites.


Comparing the Two Vehicles

The M3 & M4 are almost identical aside from a few features. They both sport a twin turbo-charged 3.0 liter inline-six with 425 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque. Both are available in a 7 speed dual-clutch automatic or a 6 speed manual. Both are rear wheel drive with electronically controlled slip differential.


How they Differ:

                   M3                     M4

Body:       4 Door Sedan    2 Door Coupe

                Lip Spoiler        Integrated Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Spoiler

Weight :   3595 lbs.           3585 lbs.

The M4 has a lower and wider look in the back with different tail lights.










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///M Monday: Three Reasons you need to take a closer look at our 1M…

January 20, 2014  |  ///M Monday, Dealership News, Featured, M


Here at Kuni BMW, we recently acquired a 2011 1M. You may have noticed our updates on our facebook and instagram. We are pretty excited about it. Why? Here are three reasons:


#1 — You just don’t see one everyday. Really. This car is actually pretty rare. We would even reason to say this car is a collectors item. Only 983 North American-spec 1M’s were made. Less than a thousand! How many of these track ready cars remain that haven’t been damaged in some way? How many in white in as good of a condition as ours?

One might argue that the 1M will be released again with higher production numbers. This is true, but they still wont be a 2011 version with all of its bragging rights to rarity.


#2—Its not just a 1 Series with an M sport package.

The E82 1 Series M Coupe is a special version of the standard 1 Series coupe that was developed by BMW M GmbH, the subsidiary of BMW AG responsible for creating its most performance-oriented products. It combines a tuned version of the twin-turbocharged N54 motor with an M-enhanced chassis, and features massively-restyled bodywork, as well as many unique interior features.


#3–It just may be the only certified Pre-Owned 1M in the country right now. We cant confirm this for sure, but with so few of them in existence its pretty likely you wont find another one that is Certified Pre-Owned.


Intrigued? Come by and see it for yourself! Schedule a test drive today!

Want to see more? Kuni BMW’s 1M >>>


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New On The Lot: 2013 BMW M5

August 28, 2012  |  ///M Monday, Featured, M

Kuni BMW is proud to announce the newest arrival on our lot. The stunningly captivating new 2013 BMW M5! Check out our new featured video, which showcases the incredible design of the new M5.

Video: 2013 BMW M5

If the video isn’t enough, here are a few snapshots:

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The BMW Experience: 1987 325i

August 14, 2012  |  BMW 101, Featured, Media

When people think about the BMW brand, they don’t think about it as a collection of vehicles. Rather, BMW represents a spirit that values quality, attention to detail, and a rich history. The BMW Spirit is captured perfectly in this episode of Cars I See, in which David Duran showcases his classic 1987 BMW 325i, explaining that to him, it is more than just a car.

Video: Cars I See – 1987 BMW 325i

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